About the Hell Yes/Moontower Relationship

When we launched Hell Yes Fest in 2011, we wanted take a different approach to most improv/sketch/standup festivals that we’ve attended over the years. We had a very successful 2011, learned a lot and have been pretty excited about Year 2 for a long time. Part of that excitement is getting the chance to bring Hell Yes style booking to existing festivals, merge with other art events and of course, heighten the fun from our previous events in Austin and New Orleans. We’ll have more fun developments to announce in the coming months, but for now know that Hell Yes Fest is booking the improv comedy portion for what promises to be the most gigantic comedy festival the Southwest United States has ever seen. We’re stoked about it, we hope you’re stoked about it and coming real soon we’ll have schedule and artists announcements for our portion (know as the “Hell Yes” stages) of The Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival.

Hell Yes, Austin!