Being rude. On Purpose


At a recent stand-up comedy show called Comedy Beast at the Howling Wolf Den in New Orleans, Lauren LaBorde took the stage. LaBorde has a self-described “writerly brain and a dour continence,” and her comedy reflects it. With a cool, dry delivery, LaBorde is the comic equivalent of a martini: her work is smart, quiet, and has a kick. The room loved her.

In the back, Colleen Allerton – who was preparing to go on stage as half of the musical comedy duo Molleen — was quietly jumping up and down. While Allerton watched LaBorde, she turned and whispered to anyone who would listen, “That’s my best friend! That’s my best friend!”

You rarely see this kind of enthusiasm and love in the comedy circuit. LaBorde and Allerton, who together make up the group rude.bring this unique and beautiful affection to the stage every time they are together. It is precisely their supportive, back-having energy (combined with undeniable sucker-punch smarts) that made their video “My Purse, My Choice” go viral last month.

rude. will perform a set at Hell Yes Fest alongside the side-splitting femme duo Kelly and Lindsey. Smart, funny women loving each other on stage and proving that comedy isn’t just a boys’ club anymore? Yes, please. Buy tickets for this show now.