• You wanted more options?
    Well, we're giving them to ya'!

    This year, we're rolling out the St. Claude Pass & The NOLA Brewing Co. 6 Pack Bundle...
    ohhhh yeah.

    Let's chat about that coveted St. Claude Pass, shall we?
    Basically, you can get into every single show that takes place at our St. Claude venues from October 6-16 for one silly price.
    YAS, $50 for 45+ shows. Go to 5 shows, or go to 40 shows, do whatever your little heart desires!
    Purchase yours & find out more about it HERE

  • Now, about that Nola Brewing Co. 6 Pack Bundle...
    Let's start with the price - $85
    Wait! Before your scoff, look at all you'll be getting:

    2 tickets to Brandon Wardell, 2 tickets Hasan Minhaj, 2 tickets to Fortune Feimster, Ian Karmel, and Jo Firestone...
    PLUS, NOLA Brewing Co. is throwing in a free 6 pack (if you're of legal drinking age, of course).

    These 6 pack bundles can only be purchased in person at the New Movement Theater & At NOLA Brewing Co.
    Find out more about it HERE