• Our annual search for the funniest person in New Orleans returns this June! 

    Following in the paths of notable competitions like the Funniest Person in Austin contest, Hell Yes NEXT is a way for New Orleans comedians to be showcased on a local and national scale. At stake are spots on headlining shows at Hell Yes Fest this November and cash prizes. 

    Each round judged by a panel of notable locals, festival staff members, and people working in the entertainment industry. 

    The preliminary rounds are the first & last Saturday in June, with Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30pm, and at The New Movement Theatre

    Tickets are $10 for each show

    The Lineup for each night is as follows:

    June 3rd :: 7pm
    New Movement Theater

    Bob Murrell
    Leon Blanda
    Brad Ruekberg
    Puneet Lakhmani
    Matt Owens
    Julian Nunez
    Devin Howard
    Ed Black
    Kyle Kimber
    Shawn Dugas


    • • •

    June 24th :: 7pm
    New Movement Theater

    Joseph Meissner
    Kate Mason
    Jason Leonard
    Jeffrey Buck
    Anthony Scontrino
    Nate Koch
    Darrell Rollo
    Benjamin Hoffman
    Alex Luchin
    Amanda Golob
    Lauran Malara
    Ted Orphan