Film Geeks

This year, Hell Yes Fest offers some of the top stand-up comedians in the country, some of the best improv troupes ever trained, and sketch that has topped the list of performances nationwide. But this year, the festival will put forth something completely new and daring; something no comedy festival in the South has ever done before: its very own film festival.

The festival, run by movie mastermind Michael Domangue, received submissions from all over the country — and even a few from outside the US. The pieces that were selected run the gamut in terms of content: There are big, independent feature-style films, and wacky living room shorts. There will be debuts from major web series, and even a music video.”


“There’s bound to be one film screening on our schedule that fits your tastes. With shorts, web series, and features we cover the whole gamut of comedy filmmaking and I really think people are going to see something this year that will deeply surprise them,” said Domangue.

Domangue, whose favorite movie is “Blazing Saddles,” was impressed with the turnout this year, and is inspired for the future. But he’s not about to give away any of his secrets. When we asked him what the selection process was like, he simply said, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” And then, after a pause: “It does involve dolphins.”