Hell Yes Fest Film: New Orleans 2014

Congratulations to the below films for being accepted into Hell Yes Fest Film 2014!
From The Gulf:
Bless You Baby - Katie Pengra
Is Hamburgers - Dustin Svehlak
Love Hurts - David Howe
Men Who Pretend - Andrew Larimer
From The US:
Avery Offline - Rachel Whitaker
Hire Me Spielberg - Barbara Begley
Dick Food - Maegan Houang
It’s About Time - Snehal Patel
Around The World:
Loving Myself (Australia) – Hairy Soul Man
Amour et Commando (France) - Laurent Ardoint and Stéphane Duprat
What Would Dali Do? (UK) - Lucy Smith-Jones
Tim & Micah
Trew 2 the Game (The Lost Pilot)
Outside The Inner Limits - Jared Jeffries
A special event with professional wrestler Colt Cabana

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hell Yes Fest Film?

Hell Yes Fest Film is a celebration of cinema that makes us all want to say, “HELL YES!” It’s where we showcase the best up-and-coming comedy films, as well as all the coolest cult cinema and experimental works that excite us. 

When is Hell Yes Fest Film?

Hell Yes Fest Film takes place during the week of Hell Yes Fest, an ever-expanding comedy festival that is created and curated by The New Movement, a duo of comedy theaters in Austin and New Orleans. Hell Yes Fest takes place every November in multiple venues in New Orleans and celebrates the best and weirdest comedy, foods, and films from all over the planet. More details about the 2014 festival will be released in the coming months. 

Can I submit my work to Hell Yes Fest Film?

Of course! Submitting to HYFF this year is even easier than last year. Simply fill out our short and sweet application form and then pay our modest submission fee via Paypal. This year we are also introducing a volume discount so if you’d like to submit a series of shorts you can do so at a reduced rate. 

What can I submit to Hell Yes Fest Film?

What you got? Is it funny? Is it unique? If you think your film makes people say, “Hell Yes,” then we want to see it. If it’s a webseries, an unseen pilot, a feature film, or anything we can’t think of, then you should submit it. We’re probably not the place for serious introspective works, but you never know… 

How much does it cost to submit?

HYFF is committed to keeping our submission fees as low as possible, because we all know what’s it like to live on boxes of macaroni and Hot Pockets. Submissions will start at just $10 for shorts and $15 for longs (anything over 16 minutes). If you have multiple shorts, you can contact us directly at HellYesFestFilm AT gmail.com and we can discuss specific arrangements. 

Can I submit my film digitally?

YES! New to this year, we are accepting digital screeners. We simply ask that you send us a private link to your work. We will not view any screener without a completed application and paid submission fee. You can still send us two DVD screeners if you have them lying around (no Blu-Ray’s please). 

When is the submission deadline?

To lock in our lowest submission fees, please submit by July 1st. After then, you can still submit at a slightly higher rate until September 8th. Any submissions after that date will be politely refused. 

What if I want to attend Hell Yes Fest and present my film somehow?

If you want to watch a live audience watch your film, we’d love to have you! As our festival grows, we are experimenting with all sorts of fun ways to display the films and involve the filmmakers in the festivities, so let us know what your hopes and dreams are and we will do our best to work with you on it. Not only is it a fun film fest, it’s also got the best improv, sketch, and standup performers from all over the country and it’s pretty much a week-long party so you’ll want to attend whether your film plays in the fest or not.

I’m a filmmaker or sketch group and I have this really cool idea for a live show that includes videos…

Let’s hear it! Contact us directly (HellYesFestFilm AT gmail.com) with your idea and we’ll try to make it happen. Hell Yes Fest has featured live podcast recordings, sketch retrospectives, and even panel discussions in the past three years so we are always on the lookout for new show ideas that don’t fall under the normal category of film screenings.