Friday November 15th: Night #4

7:00p, The New Movement: rude. + Kelly and Lindsey [sketch comedy]
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mypursemychoicerude. – Colleen Allerton and Lauren LaBorde met in a sketch writing class at The New Movement. They are opposites — Colleen is a noisy extrovert with adult ADHD; Lauren has a writerly brain and a dour continence — but through their love of messy reality TV heroines, excessive white wine consumption, and varying degrees of feminism they have forged a bond on and off stage that is “real fun to watch” (said some guy once). Together they created the viral video “My Purse, My Choice,” which received over 400,000 views and was featured on MSNBC, The Today Show, CNN, The New York Times and your mother’s Facebook page. They also do improv together sometimes.

Kelly and LindseyKL2-white-med-hires
Who are Kelly and Lindsey? Think Lucy and Ethel meet Ren and Stimpy.  Kelly and Lindsey met in 2008 in a UCB improv class and fell in love in a non-lesbian not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of way.  They decided to create an empire.

Known for their raunchy humor, unbelievable (yet true) dating escapades and unique conjugations for the word “penis,” Kelly Wallace-Barnhill and Lindsey Gentile take their new sketch show to New Orleans!  Kelly and Lindsey Do New Orleans is a crazy, exaggerated reality of their real lives, dealing with dating, relationships, friendship, and sex.

7:15p, Cafe Istanbul: Summer League [film]

When Allie (Danielle Evon Ploeger) returns home during her final college summer break, she doesn’t anticipate staying long, but that all changes when there’s a death in the family and Allie inherits her childhood home.

Her life-long BFF, Kenzie (Kelsey Thomas) helps her deal with her loss, and other family drama, by forcing her to join The Browncoats, the team she captains in the small town’s co-ed softball league.

Kenzie’s advice for Allie is simple… When life sucks, just grab your glove, and grab a ball. Everything just sort of fades away when you’re playing catch.

Following the screening will be a Q&A with cast, crew, and director Lex Lybrand.


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nolen and nolen photo

7:30p, The Shadowbox: Nolen & Nolen + Handbomb + machine A [improv]
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Nolen and Nolen: Prepare for the “extra-ordinary” as veteran improvisors Kristy Nolen and Jethro Nolen craft original scenes and invent memorable characters from your suggestions in their long-form show, Nolen & Nolen. This married couple have performed in Chicago, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Dallas and Austin. As co-founders of the Arcade Comedy Theater, you can catch them performing there regularly with the house team Player One and Dinner with the Nolens.



Machine A_3 claritymachine A:
machine A is the creation of TNM performers Cecile Monteyne and Chris Kaminstein. During the course of their fully improvised show, the pair follow two characters over time to create moments of comedy, tenderness, and dramatic climax.  machine A performs regularly in NOLA, and has toured to Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

“Improvisation in its purest form.”  - NOLA Defender

DSC_6911 Face-to-face B&W

The Austin improv/sketch duo Handbomb is excited to be performing at Hell Yes Fest for the 3rd year in a row. They have been a part of many festivals including Moontower Comedy Festival, FunFunFunFest and Frontera Fest 2012 were they were named “Best of Week” for their show Handbomb Mispresents Romeo and Juliet. 

8:00p, Hi-Ho Lounge: Andrew Healan, Brittany Purvis, Ashley Barnhill, Nick Mullen, Sara Armour, John Tole, surprise guests [stand-up]
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John Tole is an Austin Texas based comic who excels in the art of political incorrectness. Tole has been featured on Howard TV, Sirius XM Satellite Radio and his album “Reign In Laughs” debuted this year on Stand Up! Records. John is also the host and co-creator of the Disrupt The Illusion Show on The Podaholics Network.

Andrew Healan
has performed coast to coast including the Dallas Comedy Festival, Black Box Comedy Festival and has opened for more bands than any comedian ever should.  The Georgia native lives in New Orleans where he runs the stand-up showcase Defense Mechanism and hosts the podcast That Sounds Reasonable.  

Ashley Barnhill is an Austin actress and stand up comic, known for her dark and compact one-liners. She was featured in the Huffington Post’s 18 Funny Women You Should Be Following on Twitter.

Sara Armour performs in clubs and festivals all over the country. This year she was voted one of the top 3 comics in DC by Washington City Paper, has been called “brilliant” and “one of the scene’s brightest stars” by the Washington Post, and “The Beyonce of Stand Up Comedy” by her Mother.

8:30p, The New Movement: Terrified w/ Dave Ross [podcast recording]
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Terrified is one of Nerdist’s newest and fastest rising podcasts.  Hosted by comedian Dave Ross, the show features interviews with comedians, musicians, and other famous types to find out why they hate themselves.


9:15p, Cafe Istanbul: Shipwrecked! [storytelling]
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Shipwrecked! is a unique live storytelling showcase and podcast in New Orleans. The show features live music, snacks, surprises, and an unbeatable assortment of extraordinary, funny stories from comedians, celebrities, and the like. It is a show unlike any other in New Orleans, and experience all its own.

Storytellers are:





9:30p, The Shadowbox: Dean’s List + North Coast [improv]
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North Coast: Now that the east coast – west coast beef has subsided, North Coast is stepping up to throw down. Watch as New York’s premier freestyle rapping, beatboxing, long-form improv team performs a fully improvised “hip-hopera” right in front of your very eyes.

10:30p, One Eyed Jacks: Sara Schaefer, Mark Normand, Nick Rutherford, Jono Zalay, Addy Najera [stand-up]

F_IMG_0852 (1)

Sara Schaefer is a critically acclaimed stand up comedian, writer, and producer based in New York City. She is the co-host of MTV’s late night show Nikki & Sara Live airing Tuesdays at 11 pm. She won two Emmy awards for her work as the Head Blogger for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has appeared on John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show on Comedy Central, and has written for and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Sara has appeared on Inside Amy Schumer, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Best Week Ever, FX, E!, Fuse, and AOL. She also has a popular podcast You Had To Be There with her MTV co-host Nikki Glaser.

Jono Zalay has a PhD in Neuroscience, but don’t worry, he’s not using it for good. He talks about his dick on stage full time, and some other stuff that you’ll find humorous.

headshot new fontana  3

Mark Normand is a provocative and shrewd, New York comedian. So far in 2013, Mark appeared on TBS’s CONAN, Comedy Central’s INSIDE AMY SCHUMER and MTV Other’s INSIDE JOKE. In 2012, Mark appeared on “John Oliver’s New York Standup Show” on Comedy Central, and taped the pilot of “Best Week Ever” for Vh1. Mark was named one of Comedy Central’s Comics To Watch for the 2011 New York Comedy Festival. Mark was also named to Esquire’s “Best New Comedians 2012”, Splitsider’s “Top 10 Up and Coming Comedians on Each Coast”, and Time Out New York’s “21 New York Comedy Scene Linchpins”.

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AFTER PARTY – 10:30p, Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar

Friday’s after-party is one for the record books. At 10:30 p.m., partygoers can head to Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar (620 Decatur St) for French Quarter shenanigans that will them hungry for more.