Hell Yes Festing? Get Ready to Party

There has never been a Hell Yes Fest quite like this one, and that’s owed in part to Bryan Wooldrich, who has scheduled maximum-level fun after-parties for badge-wearing fest-goers for each and every night.

Party festivities start out with a bang at One Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse St) on Tuesday at 8 p.m., before the first show for the official HYF After-Party Pre-Party event sponsored by Apptitude and NOLA Ice Cream. Stick around after the show to meet the performers and kick off HYF the proper way.

Wednesday night will bring party-seekers to Kajun’s Pub (2256 St Claude Ave) at 10 p.m. Some of the best food and drinks in town AND karaoke are on the table.

The Iggy’s Championship Debate Series, hosted by Tami Nelson, will be the featured after-party at midnight. Find us at Iggy’s (1943 N Rampart St), right around the corner from TNM. Pick a side, grab a drink, and get ready for a debate of epic proportion where the only thing higher than the stakes will be the bar tab.

Friday’s after-party is one for the record books. At 10:30 p.m., partygoers can head to Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar (620 Decatur St) for French Quarter shenanigans that will them hungry for more.

There are two parties on Saturday: at noon it’s ‘New Orleans vs. The World’ Kickball Game at Annunciation Square (The corner of Annunciation St. & Orange St.). Meet at the field to sign up; it’s sponsored by NOLA Ice Cream. Then, after the shows, there’s a balcony party on Bourbon Street that you’d have to be a fool to miss.

Sunday is the After-Party After Party. Join us for drinks at the Hi-Ho Lounge (2239 St Claude Ave) to share your favorite HYF stories at the Cool Down event of the century.

All parties will also engage partygoers in racking up “After-Party Game Points,” complete with fabulous prizes. Check the chart below to make sure you’re in the loop, and don’t forget to tag #HYFAP in all online posts!


1 Point

Make It A Double (2pts)

Tuesday, Nov 12

•Take a picture with anyone who performed tonight.

•Take a picture of you doing a shot with anyone who performed tonight

Wednesday, Nov 13

•Tweet @ a comedian that performed at Café Istanbul tonight.

•Take a picture of you performing Karaoke at the Kajun’s After-Party.

•Get a reply tweet from a comedian that performed at Café Istanbul tonight.

•Take a picture of you performing Karaoke with someone from a different city at the Kajun’s After-Party.

Thursday, Nov 14

•Get the autograph of anyone who performed tonight.

•Present evidence that you went to a show at any venue tonight.

•Get the autograph of anyone who performed tonight on your forehead. (& take a picture of it)

•Participate in the ‘Iggy’s Championship Debate’ After Party Event. Must Check In.

Friday, Nov 15

•Take a picture at any filming location from a NOLA Web Series.

•Get a drink at any bar in the Quarter. Picture or receipt.

•Present evidence that you went to a show at any venue tonight.

•Confess your sins to the Mississippi River from the River Walk/Levee in a video or Vine.

•Make a short video (or vine) at any filming location from a NOLA Web Series.

•Dance, Sing, or perform in some other manner for at least 1 stranger in the Quarter to pander for $1. Video or Vine.

•Take a tour of any type in the Quarter. Must provide receipt, video, or ticket as evidence.

•Get beignets from Café Du Monde. Picture or receipt.

Saturday, Nov 16

•Play Kickball at the New Orleans vs. The World Kickball Game! Must Check In.

•Take a picture of the craziest thing you can find on Bourbon St tonight.

•Get a homerun in the New Orleans vs The World Kickball Game OR take the Party-Legend Challenge. (details upon arrival at the field)

•Drink a Hand Grenade on Bourbon. Take a picture or save the cup.

Sunday, Nov 17

•Contact TNM After-Party online to confirm your points. (Yes, you get a point for following up with us)

•Bring any evidence to either show tonight at Hi Ho Lounge, in person, & confirm points with HYF After-Party Rep.

Monday, Nov 18

Winners Announced, Prizes Shipped


After-Party Games Rules

Completing any challenge on the chart marked with a “•” in front of it will earn you points.

Completing challenges in the first column earns you 1 point & completing challenges in the ‘Make It A Double’ column will earn you an additional 2 points. (i.e. if you take a picture of you doing a shot with a performer on Tue night you get 1pt for taking a picture with a performer and another 2pts for it being a picture of you taking shots with them, bringing you to a total of 3pts for the evening.)

Participants can only complete each challenge once. You will not receive points for performing the same challenge multiple times

Evidence MUST be provided for all completed challenges unless it is a ‘Check In’ event. Evidence can be physical items, like tickets & souvenirs, or social media posts/tweets (with picture or video (or Vine link) if required) that is tagged with #HYFAP on Twitter OR Facebook. We’ll do our best to keep up with all the posts & points but be sure to follow up with us at the end of the festival. *see 1 Point for Sunday, Nov 17

Challenges must be completed the day they are listed so please post any evidence online before the first show on the following day; UNLESS you plan to present your evidence in person. *see ‘Make It A Double’ for Sunday, Nov 17

Please stick with one social media site to earn points. If you post evidence on Twitter, please just use Twitter for the remainder of the festival. And be sure to use the #HYFAP on all your posts! This makes keeping track of points way easier for us. Thanks!

Winner’s will be announced Monday Nov 18. The person with the most points will be declared the