In NOLA for Hell Yes? Here’s What You Should Do

So you made it to New Orleans to fully immerse yourself in comedy. So far so good! But maybe you want to see some ofNew-Orleans-Louisiana the sights and eat some of the food and enjoy some of the perks of the Big Easy between shows. We got you covered: here’s the Hell Yes Fest Guide of Things TO DO In NOLA.

TO EAT: Cheap Enough and Doesn’t Suck

  • Pizza Delicious (Bywater): Giant, New Yorky slices; always with a vegan option and salads with local ingredients. Also, lots of hip people to look at. 
  • Theo’s Pizza (Uptown, Mid-City): Great big salads, incredible number of choices, high-quality and fresh ingredients, Abita Root beer.
  • Juan’s Flying Burrito (Uptown, Mid-City): Cajun-style Mexican food. Trust us.
  • Shake Sugary (Bywater): Big, flaky pastries with adventurous flavors, like apple-sage-bacon.
  • Pho King at Lost Love Lounge (Marigny): Giant bowls of pho, late at night.
  • Mona’s (Marigny): Basic Mediterranean fare. Nothing to write home about, but CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, nearby everything you want to be nearby, and there’s always a place to sit.
  • Stein’s Deli (Garden District): Absolutely the best sandwich in town, hand’s down.
  • Booty’s Street Food (Mid-City): Small plates, hipster atmosphere. Their coffee is from Portland, Oregon.

TO EAT: Local Flavor That Isn’t Overrated

  • Domenica (Quarter/ Industrial): World famous pizza; fancy appetizers. Worth it.
  • Cochan (Quarter Industrial): Pork belly and other meaty things. No one ever complains. Except vegans.
  • Dick and Jenny’s (Uptown): You drink out of jars. Seasonal menu; lots of fish.
  • Parkway Bakery and Tavern (Mid-City): This is the po boy shop Barack Obama went to when he visited. Get the bread pudding, too.
  • Commander’s Palace (Garden District): Spend your entire paycheck on brunch, and never forget how good brunch can be.
  • Maurepas (Marigny): Seasonal, ever-changing menu of all local ingredients. Good options for vegetarians.
  • Elizabeth’s (Bywater): Praline bacon. Need we say more?

TO EAT: Vegetarian/ vegan

  • Juan’s Flying Burrito (Uptown/ Mid-City): See above. Get the Mardi Gras Indian tacos (sweet potatoes, cole slaw, beans). 
  • Carmo (Quarter): Everything can be made vegan. Skip the vegan meat; get a big salad. The plantain bread is off the chain.
  • Theo’s Pizza (Uptown/ Mid-City): They have a pizza called “The Veganator.” It’s amazing.
  • Sukho Thai (Uptown/ Marigny): A whole vegetarian/ vegan menu. And it’s good.
  • Hey! Cafe (Uptown): They have weird hummus sandwiches and stuff that vegans love.
  • Green Goddess (Quarter): Upscale, local food with plenty of vegan and gluten free options. You sit in an alley. It’s pretty funky.
  • Satsuma (Marigny): Juice, salads with things like quinoa and sprouts, and sandwiches. Also pancakes on Saturday mornings.
  • Surrey’s (Uptown/ Quarter): Juice, a full menu with at least 10 vegan options.

TO DRINK: And Get Drunk

  • Bar Tonique (Quarter): Fancy drinks. This is the kind of bar where a tutu would not be out of place.
  • Iggy’s (Marigny): Low-key, divey, LOTS of alcohol for your $$$.
  • Pal’s (Mid-City): Neighborhood bar with stacks of board games and nice to go cups that you will want to bring home.
  • Twelve Mile Limit (Mid-City): Hipster bar with pool and nightly happenings like “Vinyl Record Night.”
  • R Bar (Marigny): Hipster bar where you could pick up a girl wearing socks she made herself.
  • Mimi’s (Marigny): Big bar with moderately-priced drinks. There’s often good music upstairs.
  • Saturn Bar (Bywater): Staple of New Orleans, historical anomaly. People say if you haven’t been to Saturn you haven’t been to NOLA.

TO DRINK: And Get Coffee

  • St. Coffee (Marigny): Tiny, hip as can be. Lots of good baked goods from Shake Sugary.
  • Fair Grinds (Mid-City): Very quiet and popular. You could go here to see people with laptops and glasses if you wanted.
  • Zotz (Uptown): Weird collegey coffee place with a strong cup of coffee and plenty to eat.
  • Hey! Cafe (Uptown): Weird collegey coffee place with a strong cup of coffee and plenty to eat.
  • Orange Couch (Marigny): Mellow atmosphere, also has gelato and really good tea.

TO DO: During The Day

  • Ogden Museum of Southern Art (Industrial): Beautiful architecture, amazing variety of exhibits from all Southern artists. 
  • City Park (Mid-City): Rent a boat, grab a bike (or a giant bike), go to the amusement park, see many bodies of water and lots of birds. There’s also the New Orleans Art Museum in there, with a sculpture garden that’s free.
  • Audubon Park (Uptown): Gorgeous giant tree with millions of white birds of every variety. Also, golf.
  • Streetcar (Everywhere): Historic streetcars remain intentionally largely unchanged since the early 1900s. For $1.50 you can gaze out the window at the most beautiful parts of the city.
  • Congo Square (Quarter): The birthplace of jazz has been memorialized beautifully in this newly renovated park. If you’re lucky, Mardi Gras Indians will be practicing in the square.
  • Mississippi River Walk (Quarter): Hop on the ferry and check out the other side of the river. It will feel like an adventure.
  • St. James Cheese Company (Uptown): Great cheese.
  • St. Louis Cemetery (Mid-City): New Orleans cemeteries are famous, and you’ll see why immediately. This one is huge.

TO HEAR: Jazz Music

  • Spotted Cat (Marigny): Tiny, but the best modern jazz in town.
  • Maison (Marigny): Great place to see cheap trad jazz.
  • Maple Leaf (Uptown): If you happen to be uptown, this is a good alternative.

TO DO: At Night