Night #4: Saturday November 10th

Cafe Istanbul
2372 St. Claude
$10-12, tickets available below

7:00p – You Don’t Know the Half of It
8:30p – Rory Skovel + Cyrus Cooper + Chris Trew + Matt Ingebretson
10:30p – Sean Patton + Dane Faucheux + Adam Cayton-Holland + Jake Weisman

The Shadowbox Theatre
2400 St. Claude Ave
$10, tickets available below

7:30p – Snow Cobra (New Orleans) + Richmond Comedy Coalition
9:00p – Disco Box (Austin) + Machine A (New Orleans)
10:30p – Art Camp (New Orleans) + iO West All-Stars (Los Angeles)

The New Movement
1919 Burgundy
$10, tickets available below

6:00p – The Green Team (Austin)
8:00p – Theo Von + Amy Anderson + Shawn Dugas
10:30p – The Megaphone Show w/ Joey Greco

Hi-Ho Lounge
2239 St. Claude
$10, tickets available below

9:00p – Altercation Punk Comedy Hour
(JT Habersaat, Mike Wiebe, Joe Staats, Mack Lindsay) w/ Leon Blanda, Sophie Johnson, Addy Najera

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Saturday November 10th,
6:00p @ The New Movement:
The Green Team

What duo makes more sense than Laurel and Hardy? Maybe one without a fat guy sporting a Hitler ‘stache. The point is that Ariel Greenspoon and Rob Gagnon combine together to form an explosive comedy phenom. With many trinkets in their sketch comedy pockets, they will show you exactly why The Green Team can never be stopped. Not even by some dumb thing like the Vietnam war (we’re looking at you Smothers Brothers).

(Follow Ariel Greenspoon and Rob Gagnon on Twitter)

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Saturday November 10th,
7:00p @ Cafe Istanbul:
You Don’t Know the Half Of It

What if a show was both scripted and improvised all at the same time?

Come find out this Saturday night when scenes written by local writers and memorized by local actors are completed live on stage with the help of local improvisers.

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Saturday November 10th,
7:30p @ Shadowbox:
Snow Cobra (New Orleans) + Richmond Comedy Coalition

Centering around the belief that comedy should come from truth and honesty, the Richmond Comedy Coalition strives to constantly grow and surprise themselves, and above all, it should be fun. The RCC encourages their performers and students to develop their own personal beliefs on improvisation and play from their own perspective while continuing to stay open to new ones.

(Follow RCC on Twitter)

Snow Cobra
More info to come about this performer. Stay tuned.

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Saturday November 10th, 8:00p @ The New Movement: Theo Von + Amy Anderson + Shawn Dugas

Theo Von is one of the fastest rising stars of stand-up comedy. He is currently the host of Yahoo!’s popular daily recap show, Primetime in No Time, which averages over one million views a day. Theo will next be seen this spring on Comedy Central’s The Half Hours. He’s also the genius behind, a website where he texts random numbers and gets into conversations with total strangers. CrankTexts was a weekly featured article on College Humor.

(Follow Theo on Twitter)
(Note from the Hell Yes Pres: Theo also appears Friday night at 8:00p at The New Movement)


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Saturday November 10th,
8:30p @ Cafe Istanbul:
Rory Scovel, Cyrus Cooper, Chris Trew, Matt Ingebretson

From San “After hearing Dilation, Rory Scovel’s debut album, you’d probably love to take a road trip with the guy. Being fitfully entertaining with a spry charm to his tone, Scovel’s disjointed observations are amusing and enjoyable to listen to.” Rory has appeared on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham”, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver’s New York Standup Show, & CONAN on TBS.

(Follow Rory on Twitter)

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Saturday November 10th,
9:00p @ Hi-Ho Lounge:
Altercation Punk Comedy Hour: JT Habersaat, Mike Wiebe, Joe Staats, Mack Lindsay w/ Leon Blanda & Addy Najera

JT Habersaat and his Altercation Punk Comedy Tour have been getting in the van and zig-zagging across the nation since 2008, headlining large scale festivals such as Fun Fun Fun Fest, Vans Warped Tour and Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas along the way. JT has gigged with everyone from Henry Rollins to Doug Stanhope, Jeanine Garofalo to Brian Posehn, as well as a slew of bands including Dead To Me, Sloppy Seconds, Teenage Bottlerocket, Scream, The Adolescents, GG Allin’s Murder Junkies and tons more. From appearances on Comedy Central to an infamous spot opposite Ron Jeremy in the Troma classic ‘Toxic Avenger 4′, JT has become the face for uncompromising DIY comedy. Recently signing to Grammy-winning imprint Stand Up! Records, JT and the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour are not to be missed for those that like their comedy straight up with no chaser.

The 2012 Altercation Tour is: Mack Lindsay (Vans Warped Tour / Comedy Store LA), Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers vocalist), Joe Staats (The Fest 8)

(Follow JT on Twitter)

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Saturday November 10th,
9:00p @ Shadowbox:
Disco Box (Austin) + Machine A (New Orleans)

Machine A is what happens when time meets fast forward, when acting meets improv, when characters meet given circumstances. From New Orleans improvisers and actors Cecile Monteyne and Chris Kaminstein comes a form that happens.

Disco Box is that lovable improv troupe featuring the comedic stylings of G-Su Paek, Aaron Walther, Christina Parrish, and Ariel Greenspoon.

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Saturday November 10th,
10:30p @ Cafe Istanbul:
Sean Patton, Dane Faucheux, Adam Cayton-Holland, Jake Weisman

From, “Standup comic Sean Patton’s looks, voice, and wild energy have drawn comparisons to a young John Belushi, but this rising comedian’s style is all his own. Patton developed his standup on comedy stages in New York, Los Angeles, and across the country; was featured on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham”; and performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He was featured as one of the “New Faces” at the 2008 Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. He currently co-hosts the weekly show “Comedy as a Second Language” with Chesley Calloway at Kabin Bar & Lounge in New York’s East Village. And in June, Patton recorded his standup comedy album at NerdMelt in L.A. The album will be released in September on A Special Thing Records.”

(Follow Sean on Twitter)

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Saturday November 10th,
10:30p @ The New Movement:
The Megaphone Show featuring
Joey Greco

Megaphone Show is New Movement’s longest running show. Performers invite a special guest to share stories with us. These stories then inspire fast, smart improv comedy. THIS once-in-a-lifetime Megaphone Show features true to life stories from the former host of the popular television show “Cheaters”, Joey Greco. Real stories from Joey Greco? Nuff said.

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Saturday November 10th,
10:30p @ Shadowbox:
Art Camp (New Orleans) + World Boner Alliance

World Boner Alliance
also known as Improv Olympic Allstars. Hailing all the way from sunny California.

(Follow iOWest on Twitter)

Art Camp is one of the newest groups formed from improv classes at TNM New Orleans, comprised of Chris Carrington, Margee Green, Molly Ruben-Long and Dan Woods.

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