Saturday November 16th: Night #5

4:30p, The New Movement: DIY@HYF: A Nola Web Series Panel [film]
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Come hear the true stories behind how some of the newest web series to hit New Orleans made it happen. Panelist include Jonathan Evans (Chris & Tami, Sunken City), CJ Hunt & Kyle June Williams (Sunken City), and Helen Krieger & Joseph Meissner (Least Favorite Love Songs).

Also come to see the newest episodes of all three series including a Chris & Tami World Premiere.

6:00p, The Shadowbox: Treats + Coalition Theater TourCo
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The Coalition Theater TourCo (Richmond, VA) presents: LAUGHTRACK - the totally improvised show inspired by one audience member’s music collection put on shuffle (so make sure to bring out your iPods or iPhones!).

TREATS! is interweaving stories, songs made up on the spot, passionately but poorly executed choreography, and…well a treat to watch. Featured in the 2013 Megaphone Marathons TREATS! is TNM NOLA’s house musical improv team that pulls hilarious musicals out of their Gershwin (that means butt.)

Treats! is Mike Spara, Molly Ruben-Long, Colleen Allerton, Jonathon Evans, and Lynae LeBlanc with accompanists Smartass Nick Urso,, and Alex Woodward.

Vanessa_Promo-71447:00p, The New Movement: Vanessa Gonzalez: “I Don’t Know Words” + WOMEN [sketch comedy]
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I Don’t Know Words is a solo sketch show written and performed by Vanessa Gonzalez. Vanessa has always had trouble finding the right words so she found that the best way to get her point across is through characters, absurdity and songs. The show will be making its debut at this year’s Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans.

WOMEN is a comedy outfit in Los Angeles, CA. They write/perform sketch together and write/perform stand-up individually. They’re all egomaniacs who think everything is about them, and they work terribly together. Most writing meetings devolve into fistfights, but none of them can punch very hard, so no one ever gets hurt.

ydkthoi7:15p, Cafe Istanbul: You Don’t Know the Half of It [half improv, half sketch]
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What happens when you ask writers to create a scene that has never been performed by anyone, then give half the scene to different actors and pair each with an improvisor, never letting either actor see the whole scene? Then on the the night of the show, you watch the scenes come to life, but in halves?

What happens?  Well you just don’t know the half of it…

Never the same and never to be repeated, each offering of this show hosted by creator Cecile Monteyne showcases local writers, actors and improvisers complete with hilarious musical segues composed and performed by the show’s own locally grown ensemble “You Don’t Know the Band.” It’s a night unlike anything else in town.


7:30p, The Shadowbox: Daddy’s Girl + Assembly + Brick [improv]
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Daddy’s Girl: Camille Lowman and Brandy Sullivan from Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC are excited to bring their 2 person no holds barred show to Hell Yes Fest.Known for rich character and relationship work, Brandy and Camille will delight with fun scene work and complete commitment. Having performed together for the past 11 years has all been for this moment…New Orleans. Daddy’s Girl ain’t scared.

Assembly is high-stakes, high-energy improv comedy from The New Movement in New Orleans. The group made its debut at the 2013 Megaphone Marathons. Assembly is Dustan Costine, Lauren LaBorde, Kate Mason, Nick Napolitano, Ben Vail and Carlos Velazquez.

Horse Cops is a new improv group from TNM Nola.

 8:00p, Hi-Ho Lounge: Tulane Comedians
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A special presentation of Tulane-based comedians (Annabelle Baskin, Isabel Groedel, Ashley Diggs, Winnie Pritchett, Jordan Fried) hosted by Austin, Tx’s Katie Pengra and headlined by L.A.’s Pat Bishop.

Pat Bishop is an editor for The Birthday Boys on IFC, a member of the sketch group WOMEN, and a former writer/director for Funny or Die where his video “The Wire: the Musical” won a Webby for Best Comedy Short. He got very good grades in school and still reads over 3 books a year sometimes.

9:00p, Cafe Istanbul: Quiet on the Set [improv]QOTS2
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Quiet on the Set is The New Movement New Orleans’ silent improv show. Hosts Maple and Royal Gremillon (played by Margee Green and Cyrus Cooper) pull their favorite silent films from their vault and they are brought to life by some of New Orleans’ best improvisers.

9:00p, The New Movement: You, Me, Them, Everybody [live podcast variety show]
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You, Me, Them, Everybody is a talk show/podcast hosted by Brandon Wetherbee. It records in DC, NYC, LA, Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia. It doesn’t suck. The A.V. Club likes it. “The You, Me Them, Everybody podcast feed is a treasure trove of conversations with funny, insightful, or otherwise interesting people from across the cultural spectrum.” Listen to an episode of You, Me, Them, Everybody right here.

9:30p, The Shadowbox: The Megaphone Show ft. Sara Schaefer
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The flagship show in both TNM Theater’s in Austin and New Orleans brings in one of the biggest guests they’ve ever had – MTV’s Sara Schaefer will share true stories that get spun into comedy by a team of crazy good improvisers.


10:30p, One Eyed Jacks: The Lucas Bros, Sean Patton, Jade Catta-Preta, Chris Trew
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Sean Patton cut his teeth doing standup in the Crescent city and has since performed at Caroline’s, The Comedy Cellar, Gotham, The Improv, UCBNY, UCBLA, The Melbourne International comedy festival (2011), The Montreal Just for Laughs comedy festival (2008, 2010, 2012), and many other clubs around the US and Canada. He made his Basic Cable debut on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” (2009) and his Network TV debut on “Late night with Jimmy Fallon” (2010). Recently he appeared on “Conan” (2011), and his first half hour special premiered on Comedy Central on 6/21/13.


The Lucas Brothers (Kenny & Keith) were raised in North Carolina and now perform comedy all over the country. They were recently NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity finalists, NEW FACES at the Montreal “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival, mentioned in the NY Times, and features on Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Hot List”They have appeared on HBO’s Funny As HellLate Night With Jimmy Fallon, and Arrested Development (Netflix).  

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PARTY TIME – Noon, Annunciation Square & Midnight, Bourbon Street

There are two parties on Saturday: at noon it’s ‘New Orleans vs. The World’ Kickball Game at Annunciation Square (The corner of Annunciation St. & Orange St.). Meet at the field to sign up; it’s sponsored by NOLA Ice Cream. Then, after the shows, there’s a balcony party on Bourbon Street that you’d have to be a fool to miss.