How you can help Hell Yes Fest be successful

How can you help Hell Yes Fest be a big success? Check it out:

Invite a co-worker or best friend or romantic interest to see a show with you.
Everyone likes comedy. But everyone loves good comedy. What if you met the love of your life at this festival. What. If.

Change your Facebook and/or Twitter avatar to one of our HYF mascots.
Just right click and save one of these two, switch ‘em out with your current avatar(s) and boom, you’re done!

hyf_dino_Sticker hyf_archer_Sticker

Hit up that Facebook/Twitter shit.
Like the Facebook page then share it on your timeline, a friends timeline and that weird guy from high school’s timeline. Invite some friends to our events. You can also follow us on Twitter then get to RT’ing!

Be there
Watch shows, cheer loudly, be cool. It’s #hellyes time!