Vanessa Gonzalez May Not Know Words, But She Knows Comedy


If you asked someone to describe Vanessa Gonzalez in one word, they might be hard-pressed. That’s because Gonzalez is so multi-talented, it’s difficult to pick just one thing. You might have to pick, “unbelievably versatile.” But that’s two words. We know. We can count.

Like, she’s an incredible improviser who performs with myriad groups in Austin, including Handbomb. She’s written, performed, and toured sketch comedy with the best of them. She has been featured on podcasts and documentaries. She teaches comedy to kids and teens with AP Comedy. She’s also absurdly well-dressed, incredibly articulate, and whip-smart.

So there’s a lot to celebrate about Gonzalez’s appearance at Hell Yes Fest. But beyond being the inimitable performer she is, she is bringing something particularly special to this year’s festival.

Gonzalez has written and produced a one-woman sketch show titled “I Don’t Know Words.” The show, which will open alongside a sketch revue from the Los Angeles group WOMEN (they’re not, by the way), will be making its world debut at New Orleans’ Hell Yes Fest in October. Since it has Gonzalez’ hands on it, you can be sure that the show will be amazing. Since it’s at Hell Yes Fest, you can buy tickets for it RIGHT NOW.