Viewers Like You Are Just Like You — But Cooler

vlyAbout a year ago, most of the members of Viewers Like You — an improv team out of New Orleans, Louisiana — had just signed up for their first Level One improv class out of The New Movement. Each one of them is such a distinct and unique person, it’s hard to see what they all have in common. And then you watch them do improv, and it all becomes clear.

Viewers Like You — who are¬†William Benner, Patrick Eagan, Anne Felter, Thomas Fewer, Robert Sheesley, Anamaraia Vizcaino, and Bryan Wooldridge — really love each other. You can tell when you watch the perform. They each, in their turn, walk on stage and support one another, no matter what choice a teammate makes. At its best, this makes for the silliest, most playful comedy show imaginable, rich with an air of anything-can-happen-ness. If Vizcaino walks on stage as a French aristocrat who has been tied up to a giant doughnut in the middle of a Chuck E. Chees, you can bet that the rest of her team is on board (but, chances are, not going to untie her).

The relatively new team employs a form they created themselves. It begins with a group scene that establishes a world with all eight players. Then the players slowly leave and transition into a La Ronde. This early segment of the pieces serves as fodder for a sort of Armando that makes up the rest of the piece. Eventually, the players find themselves back in the group scene where they started, but at some point in the past or future. It’s amazing to watch, and a unique form for such a young and excited group.

Viewers Like You will perform with Diamonds Are Forever and Strugglebus on Thursday night at 7:30 at Hell Yes Fest. You can buy tickets to see them here.