We ♥ Our Sponsors

One of the things that makes Hell Yes Fest so uniquely wonderful is that it has some of the most badass, incredible sponsors on the planet. Lucky for you, our sponsors also offer basically everything you need to live in the city of New Orleans — from haircuts to burgers to cross fit (what more does one need?). Read up on some of our amazing sponsors below.

Aidan Gill for Men has a reputation it deserves: the classiest, cleanest, and most classic men’s products and services that will transform any Nobody into That Guy That Every Girl Wants To Go Home With At The Dinner Party. For the holidays, indulge in the quality of Aidan Gill for Men’s collection of hand-crafted razors, stands and shaving brushes made with centuries of English tradition.

Apptitude is an app development studio like no other. They handle the design, development, and marketing of your app, so you can focus on running your business. And bonus: their apps are gorgeous, easy-to-use, and modern as all get-out.

Best of Street‘s mission is to identify, celebrate and empower the best street musicians around the world via a series of recordings that will enable new revenue opportunities while expanding their audiences of potential fans.  They’re looking for folks to help them find the best street musicians in New Orleans, and to raise awareness around their compelling content and social media activities! Get over to their website and give to their KickStarter immediately!

Big Easy Crossfit is the greatest way to get in shape in town. It features one-hour classes of high-intensity functional  heartmovement for your whole body. Strengthen the muscles you use on a daily basis (and some you don’t), with constantly varying workouts to keep you focused on your fitness.

Cheeky Cherry’s Dating Dilemmas is a blog with attitude! It features dating stories as told in the words of Cheeky Cherry. They’re weird, wild, wonderful, and will have you reading for hours on end, glad that some of them haven’t happened to you!

For hungry folks, there is also the inimitable Company Burger, where no burgers can be beat; the delicious and sumptuous New Orleans Ice Cream Company, which frequently hears complaints about their ice cream being “too good”; Theo’s Pizza, home of the best pizza and salad in New Orleans; Green Fork for unbeatable juices and take-aways; and Steins Deli for the best sandwich you’ve maybe ever eaten in your entire life. For Internet aficionados, check out the delightful Judy Walker for great new recipes; Nerd Nite, which is dedicated to finding nerdy happenings around New Orleans; the hilarious Twitter account of the ambiguous Steele Industries. For professional types out there, there’s the always-helpful BadCredit Loans and Villere Realty. And don’t forget to check out the incredible Improv Wins for all things improv, and Air Sex Finals for the greatest invisible-object show on earth.