You, Me, Them, Everybody Bring A Unique Podcasting Style to Hell Yes Fest

newlogoBrandon Wetherbee is the kind of person who immediately makes you interested in whatever he has to say. He’s got that certain kind of charm that’s simultaneously self-effacing and confident; his conversational style can only be described as magnetic.

So it’s a good thing that Wetherbee spends his Monday and Tuesday nights producing a podcast. You, Me, Them, Everybody is an interview-style podcast that is usually recorded live in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington, D.C. Wetherbee talks to musicians, comedians, writers, artists, and the like about “what pops into their head.”

What makes the show so compelling is Wetherbee’s ability to draw comedy out of every conversation, as well as his gift for asking important questions. He’s performed at he Hungry Brain in Chicago, The Creek and The Cave in New York City, at the Looking Glass Lounge in Washington, D.C.; and in November he will be making his podcast debut in New Olreans.

You, Me, Them, Everybody will record a live podcast at Hell Yes Fest on November 16 at 9 p.m. at The New Movement, adding it to the podcast’s impressive ranks. To join in the hilarity and fun, you can buy tickets here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.